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Feature film 1998

Direction: Chus Gutiérrez

Screenplay: Fernando León de Aranoa, Juan Flahn, Chus Gutiérrez

Production: César Benítez

Cast: Cristina Marcos, Ernesto Alterio, María Pujalte, Candela Peña, Fele Martínez, Chete Lera, Alberto San Juan, Ginés García Millán, Saturnino García
(Casting: Sara Bilbatua)

Synopsis: During that particular night, no-one is asleep. A car drives through the empty streets of the city with a white handkerchief hanging out from the window. Adrián is driving more aware of Eva who is about to give birth than of the limited night traffic. When in hospital, Eva gives birth to Marina, a beautiful baby girl with blue eyes and powerful lungs thus putting an end to a sleepless night, the first of many ahead. Eva is not the only one who is unable to sleep. Alba’s boyfriend has just left her and she feels very lonely and abandoned. In terrible need of affection, she begs for it at every corner. Juan, on the other hand, cannot sleep because of his imminent wedding day.

Link: http://www.bocaboca.com/Insomnio/

Director of photography: Arnaldo Catinari

Music: Mateo Alonso

Assembly: Miguel Ángel Santamaría

Assistant director: Raimundo García

Production management: Emilio A. Pina

Producer: Bocaboca Producciones, Sociedad General de Televisión (Sogetel)

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