El Retorno

Video art 2004

Direction: Chus Gutiérrez

Production: MUSAC, the Museum of Modern Art of Castilla and León, presents Retorno a Hansala, a trajectory of the creative process completed for Chus Gutiérrez’ last film through the eyes of Alfredo Cáliz, Rogelio López Cuenca and Montserrat Soto. The project also includes the artist’s own piece El retorno 1 (2004), a video installation which belongs to the MUSAC collection and that set the reference for what a feature film entails today.

Synopsis: Conceived during the production of her film Poniente (2002), El retorno tackles immigration issues and talks, in particular, about men and women who die while illegally trying to cross the strait between the coast of Africa and that of Spain.
This piece of work describes, in a metaphoric manner, the journey back home of the clothes worn by the deceased, similar to the vivid remains of one’s broken dreams. Using these pieces of clothing, the artist builds symbolic agglomerations centred on the owners’ life and death. Parallel to this, the sound also plays a major role as it provides a narrative element to the images. Both allow the artist to explore the expressive potential of audiovisuals from a more intimate and personal perspective compared to the film industry’s standards.

Link: http://musac.es/index_en.php?obr=378

Assembly: Daniel Urdiales

Production management: Chus Gutiérrez

Producer: Chus Gutiérrez

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Video Art


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